Creative Business at Google campus

Creative business in 54 hours

Creative business Google Campus Start Up weekend

Setting up a creative business needn’t be onerous or time-consuming.

Ever wanted to start a creative business? It seems eons ago since I was at Start-Up Weekend Education. The event was held at the Google Campus, London. I was taking part in the birth of a multitude of creative business ideas. And yet, at the time of writing, it was only 21 days ago.

Let me see, in that same time I could have launched another 7 creative business start-ups.

So what are you waiting for? Start a creative business today! (Thanks to Night Zookeeper for this excellent video).


This is where creative business is born. Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs. All on a mission to inspire. To educate. To empower individuals, teams and communities. And to help them build a creative business.

Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences. Aspiring entrepreneurs can find out their startup creative business ideas are viable.  On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical or design backgrounds. The other half have business backgrounds.

The weekends start with open mic pitches on Friday evening. Attendees present their ideas. Then inspire others to join their team. Over Saturday and Sunday teams focus on design. On customer development. And on validating their ideas. The teams practice LEAN Startup Methodologies. Then build a minimal viable creative business product. On Sunday evening teams demo their prototypes. A panel of industry experts and investors provide valuable feedback. The other teams then vote for the best new creative business.

Startup Weekends are all about learning through the act of creating.  Don’t just listen to theory.  Build your own strategy. And test it as you go!

Build your network:
This isn’t just a happy-hour. Startup Weekend attracts your community’s best makers and do-ers. Spend a weekend working to build a scalable company. One that solves a real-world problem. You’ll build long-lasting relationships. And possibly walk away with a job. Or even an investor.

Co-Founder Dating:
We all know it’s not just about the creative business idea. It’s about the team. Startup Weekend is the best way to find someone you can actually launch a creative business with.

Learn a new skill:
Step outside of your comfort zone. Spend a whole weekend letting your creative business juices flow. Startup Weekends are perfect opportunities to work on a new platform. To learn a new programming language. Or just try something different.

Actually launch a creative business:
Over 36% of Startup Weekend startups are still going strong after 3 months.  Roughly 80% of participants plan on continuing working with their team or startup after the weekend.

Get face time with thought leaders:
Local tech and startup leaders participate in Startup Weekends as coaches and judges. Get some one-on-one time with the movers and shakers in your community.

Save money & get stuff:
Startup Weekends typically cost between £75 and £150 (less for students).  Your ticket covers seven meals and snacks. Plus access to exclusive resources from our sponsors. And of course, all the coffee you can drink.

Join a global community:
There are over 45,000 Startup Weekend alumni. All on a mission to change the world.

It’s amazing how much can be achieved in a weekend. Think about how much your business could achieve with an injection of fired-up creativity. Contact us today and we’ll show you in one hour how your business can become more dynamic. More visible. And more profitable.

We’re a creative business. And we want you to be too.


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