creativity in education reform

Creativity in education

David Puttnam’s seminal video about how education shapes our lives in the past, present and future. Prescribed viewing for all education ministers and all those considering how we should develop individual potential in today’s vibrant, information-buzzing world. Creativity in education reform is required to break out of a constrictive academic model–without losing the basic skillsets that should remain at its core. There should be more of a celebration of individual talent, which, by its very description contradicts uniformity. Remodelling the education landscape demands patience and a touch of anarchic genius!

The way education organisations deliver their message and curriculum needs the sort of creativity that will fire a learner’s imagination and deepen their knowledge and understanding. A love of learning can hardly be developed with communication material that is dull and uninspiring.

Ignition have a track record of producing highly creative ideas and thinking. Contact us today for some creative direction!


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