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Images tell stories

How do images tell stories? Simple. We see before we learn to read. We witness cause and effect. Pain. Joy. Hunger. Thirst. Then we learn the graphic language of the alphabet to link the imagery we experience to story telling. In the spoken and written word.

That’s why advertising is dominated by images. With a caption underneath. The headline. A short, ideally thought-provoking and persuasive plea to read on. To buy. To remember.

The three components of great advertising

There are three components of any piece of advertising or design.

Reason. Emotion. And image.

Image and emotion play a significant role in the choice of car for most drivers. (It’s not often you’ll catch a rugby prop forward tootling about in a Nissan Leaf).

When Rover Group wanted to market tax-free cars to the military the story was centred on the company’s heritage and experience in the category.

The emotional and image components of the ad campaign were balanced with the rational raison-d’etre of Rover’s expertise.

First and foremost however, the campaign stood out on its image-led concept of recreating the 1940’s period. It may well have helped the sales of classic cars. But it achieved its objective of telling the heritage story in stand-out images.

With a resulting 165% upturn in sales.

How effective are the images you use in your own marketing? Talk to us and we’ll show you how to improve your brand image. And your bottom line.