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We begin with a blank canvas. We aim high. Understand. Stand out. And sell.

Ignition approach every assignment with no preconceptions. Just a wealth of expertise and a spark of ambition. We work best when collaborating. Poking around in your business’s strategic space. Researching. Digging deep. Then once we know the Who, What, When, Why and Where of your marketing approach, firing up the creative engines.

We’ll work with you to conjure up game-changing ideas and brand-building propositions. With everything centred around your customers’ expectations. Not to mention their wallets.

We value the journey we make with you. It should be inclusive. And rewarding. We believe in the complete solution—you shouldn’t separate technology from brand. Any more than you should separate bio-mechanics from grey matter.


Award-winning online or offline advertising campaigns. Selling propositions that work on TV, radio, posters, in the press and online.


Laugh. Cry. Shout. Whisper. We’ll set the tone for your product or service with wordsmithing that’ll move your customers to fall in love with you.

Graphic Design

Brand building from the ground up. From an original sketched idea, we’ll create a super-tuned look and feel for your product or service. Then maintain, buff and polish it for its lifetime.


We’ll put all our digits to work for you. And we won’t blind you with gobbledegook and technical guff.

Direct Marketing

In the old days we called it Mail Order or Direct Mail. And it’s still as powerful today as ever. We’ve just refined and renamed it.


Selling. That’s what we’ll help you to do. With cut-through, simple messaging that no marketing text book can teach you.


Want to learn about Typography? Or how to improve your brand? We run workshops for individuals and groups that create positive change. Contact us for details.

“incisive communications that get results. Can also produce good work to ridiculous time-scales even for the advertising industry!”

If you want your marketing back on-track and your brand in pole position – fresh digital marketing ideas are always flowing at Ignition!

Creative, pragmatic and knowledgeable, exactly what you need when you want to market products and services effectively.

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